Out Sniped

I was out sniped for my bike frame.

Snipe (snp)

  1. A shot, especially a gunshot, from a concealed place.
  2. To wait to the last possible second to bid in an on-line auction to gain advantage.

Damn you markrhouston!

Uhg. I’m sad.

Edited 10 minutes later: I’m happy! I just got a gMail invite. Yay!

Being broke sucks

I’m so broke I actually got my bank teller to transfer 40 cents from my savings account to my checking account so I could withdraw $1.25 for a Diet Coke and a pack of cheese crackers for lunch today.

On the other hand, I’m eagerly awaiting the end of an eBay auction I bid on for a schweet Bianchi frame & fork for my new fixed gear bike. I got the flip flop hub from Van Dessel Sports last week and I’m trying to find a decent frame for it. I already have a front wheel, stem, pedals, etc. for it. Hopefully the seller wont freak out when I can’t pay him until Friday. :)

Patrick and Gina asked why would you want a fixed gear bike: The truth it because it’s there. It sounds interesting and the fringe/cool factor isn’t bad either. Mostly because after reading a lot of Fixed Gear Rantings I’d like to see what all the hub-bub is about. :)

Someone wanted to see my current bike, here she is:

Picture of my Single Speed

I’ve been told it’s a 60s-ish Austro-Daimler Puch.
It’s got generic wheels, homebrew bullhorns, and a 5-speed freewheel being used as single-speed. It ain’t pretty, but it gets me there.

Grover Vet Bills

Ok. Grover’s vet bill has come in. The total: $100.46.

Looks like the anti-biotics were more than I thought they would be.

I am hereby begging accepting donations so that I will be able to eat for the next week after paying his vet bill tonight. I appreciate the kind that jingles, but prefer the kind that folds, if you know what I mean. :)

Good lord.

This is Vincent, he’s an Athiest

Scene: LSUHSC Copy Center. An unsuspecting Vincent enters the room to retrieve his color print outs. The room is already in heated coversation:

Bitter Old Religious Woman: Blah blah blahblah blah Mary Magdaline blah blahblah. Jesus blah blah the lord blahblah.
Ashton: Blah blahblah not true blahblah blah blah. Not an Athiest but blahblah blah.
Myself: Eh oh, this is not a discussion I want to be in here for.
Bitter Old Religious Woman: Why, don’t you know the lord loves you?
Cedric: This is Vincent, he’s a real true Athiest. He don’t believe in nothin!

Yeah, like I was some rare brightly colored frog with deadly oil that oozes through my pores and doesn’t believe in God.

Suddenly, the needle skipped off the record and the next thing I know it was 20 minutes later and there was 11 religious black women surrounding me. All I remember are bits:

Bitter Old Religious Woman: Don’t you know that Gawd created you to love him and to come back to him?
Myself: It sounds like god is codependant. There’s medication for that.

Bitter Old Religious Woman: You sound just like them Buddhists. Them with their 4-11 friends.
Myself: It was 9-11, not 4-11 and they were radical Islamics, not Buddhists. Do you know anything about Buddhism? Have you ever met a Buddhist?
Bitter Old Religious Woman: Heh, I don’t need to. Sick people! Buddhists and the Islamites. Those are your people, not mine!

Bitter Old Religious Woman: That’s the thing about you athiests. You don’t believe in nothin! Nothin from nothin leaves nothin! You rob, you shoot people, you kill! And you don’t care about nothin and no one!
Myself: Don’t you DARE tell me what I do and don’t believe. You don’t know me. You’ve never even met me and it’s obvious you don’t even want to know what it is I believe. I’ve tried to educated but I can’t deal with ignorance. I’m done. You are just ignorant.
Bitter Old Religious Woman: The lord still loves you.
Someone: Yes indeed!

Or something. I was even reading scripture to her at one point, crazy. It just turned into complete chaos as the 12 of us were fighting to talk over each other and eventually David had to come in and shut us all up. It was fun.