Many updates for you. I’ve been lazy posting here again, I guess I haven’t been in the mood.

NYC, Day by day:

  • Thursday/Friday: We left New Orleans around 1:30 on Thursday afternoon, and arrived in New York about 8:pm. 30 hours, give or take. 30 hours in a minivan of cubans listening to latin pop and speaking nothing but spanish the entire way. I’m a multicultural advocate, so this wouldn’t be a problem – unless of course if I didn’t speak Spanish, which I don’t. This translates into 30 hours of:

    Alberto’s Mom: WordsWordsWordsWords WordsWordsWords WordsWordsWords BATHROOM WordsWords.
    Alberto: WordsWords WordsWordsWords WordsWords WordsWords VINCENT WordsWords.
    Me: What?
    Bernardo: Words WordsWords WordsWords. HAHAHAHAHAHA. WordsWords WordsWordsWordsWordsWords Words CRACKER BARREL.
    Euladies: Words WordsWords WordsWords Words BATHROOM. HAHAHAHAHAHA Alberto: WordsWords Words WordsWords Words WordsWords WordsWords Words BURGER KING.
    Alberto’s Mom: WordsWords WordsWordsWordsWords WordsWordsWordsWords WordsWords WordsWords GAS STATION.
    Carolyn (on Walkie Talkie): Words WordsWords WordsWords Words BATHROOM.

    It was as bad as it sounds.

    By the time we got into New York, dropped off Carolyn’s cat and got to the Navy Base, I wan’t to curl up in a fetal position and cry. But instead we got Chinese food and I watched Tomb Raider. Same thing.

  • Saturday: We helped Carolyn and Nick move into their Brooklyn apartment. Amazingly enough we were done ahead of schedule, around 11:30. Well, we were done with everything except thier Big Ass Couch. The Big Ass Couch took another hour and a half because we have to take the legs off, bring it upstairs through her landlord’s place, through the back door that should have been taken off it’s hinges because we end up with a 7 inch gash on the back of the sofa. All the while Carolyn stood there with her hand over her mouth, wondering why she just didn’t sell it on the street like her mother told her to. In Spanish. The rest of us secretly planned ways to destroy the couch without Carolyn’s knowledge, as it was lodged in the doorway for about 30 minutes with some stupid dolly thing trapped beneath it.

    After the Sofa debacle, it took us forever to get lunch because “around the corner” is New Yorkeese for “somewhere in Brooklyn” and Alberto’s mom got lost. Then we ate. It was now like, 3 and we had to bring the Penske moving truck back before 4. Instead of just getting in and bringing it, we had to have a 30 minute discussion* about who was going and what we were going to do next. SOmewhere in this point they had decided to go to Target and the Grocery store, without telling the English speaking in the room. After 20 minutes of driving I finally figure out that I had just riden 30 hours to go to a New York Target. I became visable annoyed. So did Euladies. So did Bernardo. So did Alberto. Nick just wanted to go home and Alberto’s mom was trying to keep the peace*. This is when I remembered that the number one thing on my list of things to do in New York was to go see the Laramie Project that Dan’s friend Bill is in. This was at 8 o’clock and it was now 4:30ish. I decided to bail, and Berto was coming with me. By the time we navigated the Subways, the Statin Island Ferry and the buses, it was 8:00 at the Hotel and I wasn’t going to make it. So we decided to go to Rocky Horror at midnight.

More will be coming soon, I have to get some work done!

* In spanish.