Well, I’ve finally gotten around to getting pictures of my bike and of grover. Grover is the little kitty that lives outside around our house. He’s super-sweet and it’s obvious that he’s been an inside pet before. He’s really friendly and deserves more. :( He’s outside now and it’s storming. I went to look for him, but I’m not sure where he goes when it gets like this. Anyway, I’ve decided to find him a home, since Dan wont let me bring him in. I’ve found him a foster home, but have to wait till I get him his shots and neutered. (Discounted via Animal Rights for Life.)

If you would like to take him in perminantly, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. My only requirement is that you must keep him from going outside anymore – evne if he really wants to in the beginning. :) He’s 6-8 years old, and has been lving on the street for about 3-4 years. Our neighbor used to let him inside sometimes, but they moved and left him here, even though they promised they were going to take him.

Here’s some pics: