Bikes and boredom

Bikes: I spent too much money at Bayou Bicycles this weekend, but it was on stuff I need so I don’t feel bad about it – a pump, patch kit, tire levers, and a few tools. I’m still trying to bring this Dunelt frame back to life. I stripped and painted it a pretty shade of blue over the weekend, now I need to make some decals. I bought 700×23 tires for it today then got home and realized my tubes are for 18-20 so I have to inflate it a bit over the limit. I should really get a new front wheel too, but I can’t with this check. I may just use the front wheel off the Fuji that I got from Freecycle for Dan since I doubt he’ll be using it any time soon. The front wheel from Van Dessel is $70. That will have to wait until next check. I was going to get a new fork, but I got the good folks at Bayou to spread the one I had to fit a modern wheel. That should hold me over for a while. Now I just need a quill stem that fits both the headset and the bullhorns I got and I’ll be all set. Yay.

Boredom: It doesn’t look like the bike thing is another passing distraction. After the VW, the Defender Cocktail, and BBS I’m glad I’ve found something I enjoy that doesn’t feel forced or somehow doomed to left dangling in the wind due to financial constraints. It is, however, a distraction from parts of my life that are feeling forced right now.

As personal and professional apathy sets in, it’s nice to be able to hop on the bike and ride.

Ivan the Terrible. Not.

Well, Ivan barely grazed the New Orleans area. It’s pretty windy and that’s about it. No rain, no flooding, not a singlestreet turned into a toxic brew of raw sewage, gas and chemicals.

A big assed tree fell in Kay’s big yard and that was pretty scary. Oh, and then bees swarmed out the center of the tree, flew into my sister’s hair and she screamed so loud her neighbors in the NEXT BLOCK came by to see who was being disemboweled in the back yard. Unfortunately I didn’t see the whole thing because I paniced and ran in the bathroom as soon as I heard her say, at the top of her lungs, “FUCKING CHRIST, THEY’RE FLYING IN THE HOUSE!! MY HAIR!!! THEY’RE IN MY FUCKING HAIR!!!”

So yeah, that’s the way us Macalusos throw a hurricane party. Oreos, Mamosas, and swarms of bees.

We’re gone! We’re back!

Well, we left for Texas, Tennesee, somewhere west, somewhere north a random destination early this morning. Kay had no where to put the dogs so she left them outside (? I didn’t get that either, but I didn’t say anything since I didn’t think we were going to go very far.) sure enough we got about an hour down I-55 before we both heard on the radio that “A lot of people who are deciding to leave now with nowhere to go are finding out that it’s too little, too late.” Basically, there’s no hotels for about 16-18 hours away, and by the time you get anywhere, it’ll be time to come home anyway.

So here I am. Posting this. Waiting for the storm.

The kitties are in the spare bedroom. They’re doing pretty good considering all the stuff going on.

“They” seem pretty certain that Ivan is going to Mobile, but you can’t go 15 minutes without a meteorologist filling time with 5 minutes of weatherbabble about the storm. And really. Weatherpeople: no one cares what kind of satelite you use. Please stop plugging WeatherDoppler2k4 v.2.

Mindy: You are all going to die. Run biotch, RUN!! Back to you Brad.
Brad: So Mindy, lets go Bill and the enhanced MegaDoppler2k4 v.2 satelite imagery from our channel 7 MegaDoppler2k4 v.2 v.2 team.
Bill: Yes Brad, these MegaDoppler2k4 v.2 enhanced images are from our MegaDoppler2k4 v.2 satelite. Notice the dark green patches in the middle of the lighter green patches the MegaDoppler2k4 v.2 is showing us? That’s RAIN BIOTCH! RUN! RUN!!
Mindy: Wow Bill, that MegaDoppler2k4 v.2 is something. The images are so clear. They look so… enhanced.
Bill: Yes, that’s the MegaDoppler2k4 v.2’s enhanced imagery, found only on the MegaDoppler2k4 v.2 and only here on Channel 7. MegaDoppler2k4 v.2
Mindy: MegaDoppler2k4 v.2!
Brad and Bill: MegaDoppler2k4 v.2!
(Off camera)
Yes indeed!

By the way, if anyone in th low lying areas has lost their power and needs ice to cool your beverage or for medicine – you are free to come by and keep it in the living room. Holy Moses, mother of god – Kay keeps it freezing in this place!

Uhg, I’m tired.