Happy Turkey Day

Well, another Thanksgiving passes me by and another reminder of how fucked up holiday’s can be. Everyone I’ve spoken to, in real life or on-line has had some weird story to tell about how miserable their Thanksgivings are every year. This year, since my family has decided to be AWOL, I spent the holiday at Alberto’s mom’s house eating cuban black beans and turkey. Mmmmmm. Now, I’m sitting here listening to Slayer’s Rein In Blood.

Gobble gobble.

New (new to me) Eels

Apparently I’ve been under a rock somewhere and the Eels have released two albums since the last one I have. I’m checking out Souljacker now and it’s pretty cool. E, as a producer, has a way of making even his crappy songs sound so fucking good. Makes me want to curl up with headphones and sink into it.