Updates and whatnot

Well, it’s been a little over two weeks in my own pad and I’m finally starting to settle down. It was a bit overwhelming for a few days – what with the ending of a relationship, trying to keep my head above financial waters, finding a place, moving stuff over, etc… I’d like to take this time to give a public shout out and thanks to all of my friends, Jason, Carlos, Marshall, Brian, Debbie, Julie, Mark, Alberto, J A S O N, Michael, Lloyd and Brandon (as well as anyone I may have left out!) I really couldn’t have made it without you guys and gals.

I’d like to appologize to the folks at the bike project for not showing up the last few weeks. I have been in a weird zone and have just kinda fell off the planet after work. I will try to make it there soon, I promise. I don’t seem to have any contact number either, so I can’t call. :(

I’m not sure how long it’s taken me since I dont remember when the last time I weighed myself was but it was definately 13 lbs ago. :) Go lean pockets! Go bike riding!