LivePress is a go

Ok, I now have this blog synched with my Livejournal blog. Not all posts will appear on both though. Otherwise, what’s the point? :)

I have a few issues with multiple custom fields popping up, but hopefully it wont interfere with operations too much.

On the personal tip, I’m going to see Ed Wood’s Necromania, one of the porn films he made in his later years. I also get to meet a guy I’ve been chatting with there and I’m pretty excited about seeing both. :) The only thing that’s going to suck will be having to ride back from the quarter at midnight through the shaky area surrpunding my neighborhood. I may just take the long way home (cue Supertramp!) and go down Jeff Davis Pkwy to Fontainebleau, but uhg that will be a long ride after a long day. Maybe I can take the streetcar and get my friend Mark to pick me up at Claiborne/Carrolton. Hmm.