Good things

I just got stopped in the elevator by a couple of clients of ours. They hadn’t seen me in probably 6 months or so (since the last time we did posters for their annual event) and they both were saying how good I looked, and were asking how I lost “all that weight.” Wow, talk about a great feeling. Of course, I am completely unable to accept compliments without somehow cutting myself down with a joke or somehow downplaying my achievement. I really should work on that.

It was nice to hear something like that after this week of small disappointments that left me feeling ever so slightly icky in the self-esteem department.

I’m thinking about going to MS to see Brian and help him go through some things for his yard sale. He’s mentioned having some furniture and stuff that I could possibly take off his hands as well. Of course, I’m panicing over leaving the kitties for that whole, what, 20 hours? Maybe ‘berto can stop by and feed them in the morning.

Also, been working on updating the site a bit. Catch it here until it’s live: and let me know what you think.