XMAS Update

Well, XMas was almost as exciting as Thanksgiving, except there was more Italian than Spanish.

Mom, Brother and I went to Venuzio’s (?, I cant remember – I suck) for lunch. It was good.. I got the Lasanga which was much bigger than I was expecting. Giftwise, I got a shirt from the parental unit, gloves from alberto and a “hot fireman calendar” from the white elephant party. That’s about it. Pretty depressing. Oh well, I didn’t buy anything for anyone this year, so I wasn’t expecting anything from them – really broke until I catch up my financial situation. I’m still paying ‘berto back from lending me money to move and my checks and bills aren’t timed right yet. Still about a 2 weeks behind on everything and they’re getting pissed.

I’m still thinking of my New Years Resolutions – I made good on my last ones (from 2003) so maybe the trend will continue if I do it again.

So far I have:

  1. Find a new job.
  2. Pay tickets
  3. Fix drivers license situation.
  4. Fix Defender game or get rid of it.
  5. Lose ~20 lbs.

Rice Pudding

Ok, so I made red beans tonight, instead of pasta (which I’ve been eating way to much of lately) and I made more rice than beans. At the end of the night, as I was cleaning up I had this big pot of rice that I was about to throw away. Hmmm. I have rice and I love rice pudding. What do I have around here that I could turn rice into pudding with? Aha! Vanilla Silk and sugar/sweet and low.

I threw the cooked rice in a saucepan, pour about twice as much Silk on top stirred in a couple of packets of sugar and a half packet of sweet and low and let the whole shebang simmer until it had gotten really thick and puddingy. I poured it in a metal mixing bowl and stuck it inthe fridge to cool. It smells fantastic and a finger test hints that it’s going to taste as good too. Just need to wait until it cools off and I’ll update you.

Old Habits Return

I’ve started chatting on-line and obssessivly filling out online personals again. Damnit. I was over that part of the process and now it’s come back again. The only thing more pathetic than checking my e-mail every 15 minutes with the hope that so-and-so that I’ve never met replied to you is that it actually gets to me if they don’t. Shit – I don’t even know these people – why do I care? After several years away from them, I’ve noticed that a lot are charging for both replying to ads AND replying to replies. That really pisses me off. If I actually go ahead and pay $20 or ($40 for some of them) and I send a reply to an ad that intrests me – I should be able to get a reply from that person – even if they’re not a subscriber. What am I paying for? I can already send them a reply even if I wasn’t a member! Doesn’t that just encourage people to wait until someone replies to their ad before they join? It seems like it’s more of an incentive to subscribe if I know that if I send a reply, I can be contacted in return.

I dunno.

Mental note: delete ads from pay sites.

Canada Goes To Hell

Canada Goes To Hell

All of which makes you wonder: how many more countries will it take? How many more nations will have to, for example, prove that gun licensing works, or that gay-marriage legislation is a moral imperative, or that health care for all is mandatory for a nation’s well being, before America finally looks at itself and says, whoa, damn, we are so silly and small and wrong? Is there any number large enough? After the announcement that gay Chinese and gay Russians may legally marry and grow lovely gardens of marijuana as they all get free dental care, will America remain terrified of nipples and queers?

Nipples and queers! Ha!