Old Habits Return

I’ve started chatting on-line and obssessivly filling out online personals again. Damnit. I was over that part of the process and now it’s come back again. The only thing more pathetic than checking my e-mail every 15 minutes with the hope that so-and-so that I’ve never met replied to you is that it actually gets to me if they don’t. Shit – I don’t even know these people – why do I care? After several years away from them, I’ve noticed that a lot are charging for both replying to ads AND replying to replies. That really pisses me off. If I actually go ahead and pay $20 or ($40 for some of them) and I send a reply to an ad that intrests me – I should be able to get a reply from that person – even if they’re not a subscriber. What am I paying for? I can already send them a reply even if I wasn’t a member! Doesn’t that just encourage people to wait until someone replies to their ad before they join? It seems like it’s more of an incentive to subscribe if I know that if I send a reply, I can be contacted in return.

I dunno.

Mental note: delete ads from pay sites.