Rice Pudding

Ok, so I made red beans tonight, instead of pasta (which I’ve been eating way to much of lately) and I made more rice than beans. At the end of the night, as I was cleaning up I had this big pot of rice that I was about to throw away. Hmmm. I have rice and I love rice pudding. What do I have around here that I could turn rice into pudding with? Aha! Vanilla Silk and sugar/sweet and low.

I threw the cooked rice in a saucepan, pour about twice as much Silk on top stirred in a couple of packets of sugar and a half packet of sweet and low and let the whole shebang simmer until it had gotten really thick and puddingy. I poured it in a metal mixing bowl and stuck it inthe fridge to cool. It smells fantastic and a finger test hints that it’s going to taste as good too. Just need to wait until it cools off and I’ll update you.