XMAS Update

Well, XMas was almost as exciting as Thanksgiving, except there was more Italian than Spanish.

Mom, Brother and I went to Venuzio’s (?, I cant remember – I suck) for lunch. It was good.. I got the Lasanga which was much bigger than I was expecting. Giftwise, I got a shirt from the parental unit, gloves from alberto and a “hot fireman calendar” from the white elephant party. That’s about it. Pretty depressing. Oh well, I didn’t buy anything for anyone this year, so I wasn’t expecting anything from them – really broke until I catch up my financial situation. I’m still paying ‘berto back from lending me money to move and my checks and bills aren’t timed right yet. Still about a 2 weeks behind on everything and they’re getting pissed.

I’m still thinking of my New Years Resolutions – I made good on my last ones (from 2003) so maybe the trend will continue if I do it again.

So far I have:

  1. Find a new job.
  2. Pay tickets
  3. Fix drivers license situation.
  4. Fix Defender game or get rid of it.
  5. Lose ~20 lbs.