Why do I see weird shit like this all the time?

I saw the coolest thing coming back from lunch. One of the courthouse sanitation people tripped on the sidewalk and got knocked out cold.

I passed just before and she was arguing with some guy, then I got about a block farther and I heard someone call out “Lawd! Call 911!” I turned around and she on her side in the dirt next to the sidewalk, not moving.

Of course I thought he hit her or something.

I get closer and not only is she not moving at all, but I can tell by his speech patterns that the guy is a little bit retarded. So now I’m, thinking “the retarded guy knifed her!”

Then, I get even closer and I hear people say she’s breathing. But, she unconsience and she’s face first in dirt. No grass, just dirt. No one moves her or anyhting and a few of the people in the back are giggling. I don’t think she was well liked.

Anyway, I recorded the retarded guy on my phone, explaining just how she fell “just like that” but I stopped it right before his co-worker yells out “Stop explaining it before you fall on YOUR ass too!”

I was there for like, 15 minutes and no ambulance ever came, even though it was a block away from charity.