Went to the Doctor the other day

I went to the doctor the other day because the lipoma on my neck suddenly increased in size by about 400% and had become very painful. Of course, I was terrified (it’s not a tumah!) but I called around anyway trying to get an appointment before my head would have to be amputated. By some miracle, or maybe because no one wants to go to the doctor between xmas and NYE, I got an appointment that day. I went in and it was just an infection – probably from wearing jackets and having it rubbing against the fabric. Anyway, while I was there I decided to get a complete physical since I have never had one. I had my blood pressure checked, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. After a few nervous days, i got my results back yesterday.

Blood pressure: 110/70 (normal is under 120/80)
Cholesterol: 170 (normal is below 200)
“Bad” Cholesterol: 110 (normal is below 130)
Blood sugar is doing great.

I am so relieved!

Now go check out my Top 20 Movie List. :)