Stuff going on

I meet people in the stranges places. I met a guy in the mall rather by accident yesterday and wound up chatting in the New Orleans Center food court over a diet coke. Nice guy, totally hitting on me, although very married. It was a neat 40 minutes that won’t happen again, I’m sure.

Speaking on the personal tip, things are actually going well with a guy I’m dating; a little too well I think. Sure, he’s nice, funny, cute, smart, etc. and sure, 5 years ago I would have turned obsessive by now and started picking out plate patterns at Big Lots, but in my current state of being I don’t really want to jump into anything too serious right away. I’m kind of liking not being attached to anyone. Although I am still looking for an “LTR,”, I’ve never spent any significant amount of time seeing different people and for once I’m comfortable enough and out enough to do just that. I dunno, maybe I’m reading too much into it, or it’s my own paranoia. I just don’t want to be the one to make it into a big deal by bringing it up prematurely. Uhg. It’s totally chicken shit of me putting this here, knowing he’ll probably read it eventually. Maybe I’ll leave it up for a while then remove or hide it.

Yeah, that’s much less chicken shit.