Trying out some meds

After several years and several independant friends telling me I should see someone about my ADD, and now that I actually have a ‘regular physician” I brought it up when I went into get something for the cold I had. I’ve been on Strattera for the last week or so, and I definately feel more focused when I’m at work. Like, sure I’m posting from work now when I shouldn’t be – but there’s a certain level of awareness that wasn’t there before. I’m not drifting into semi-conscience web-surfing binges like I used to. I really notice it when i forget to take it in the morning. The headaches suck, and today – on my first regular dose* I feel both both slightly euphoric and very fatigued. Weird… I’m in a euphoric stupor.

I’ll see how this goes. I’m not generally into taking meds to fix things, but I’d like to see if it helps my focus and get shit done for once.

*I took half doses the last week to ramp up to the normal dose.