The bag came in…

I just got my Crumpler Wonder Weenie from eBags and so far I’m pretty disappointed. First off, it’s listed in their closeout section as made of The Original Dupont Cordura┬« Plus, so I figured it was one of the old ones before they started making them out of their mystery material, “Chickentex.” (WTF is that all about, anyway? The information page on their site is basically a joke. ha ha, thanks for useless information!)

For some reason, when the bag is listed as being 17 inches across, I don’t like it when I get it and most of the bag is around 11 or 13 inches accross. The bag is an ok size though, but so far 3 people have commented to me that “it’s not very big.”

The strap buckle has a big nasty crack in it too.

All in all, I’m very upset. I should have went with the Jandd Iniki like I originally planned. Now they’re telling me it might be TWO MONTHS to get my card credited back!! Damn!