Return of the Blogi

Jeesh, I leave the blog for a month and when I return it’s filled with ads for poker and backgamon sites. Backgamon? Who told these spammers that backgamon is what would get people to click their spammy links. Is porn not where it’s at anymore? Does anyone play backgamon? I don’t think I know anyone that really knows how to play.

I wish I could come up with anything that I feel is apropriate to blog about. Some things are the same, some things aren’t. Either I think it’s too personal or I think it’s not interesting enough. Hmmm. Is anything ever interesting enough on blogs? That’s what makes them interesting I guess. The Reel Identities Film Festival is about 3 weeks away. OMG. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m very excited this year, as we have a great space, a great lineup and I think we’re taking it “to the next level” as they like to say on MTV.

Hmmm. I’ve seen Revenge of the Sith twice this week for some reason. I just want to say publicly and get on record that George Lucas shuold be ashamed of himself. I seriously think Samuel Jackson should have turned this mess down, as he’s totally out of his element and is better than this crap. Sure, the money was good but damn.. Lucas may be a SFX wizard, but he really should never direct or write another movie again. Ever. I won’t drone on and on about it here, there’s plenty of places where you can read about how painful some of this movie is. There are some wonderfully dark scenes in it though, that I was not expecting. Then there’s the scene at the end where Darth Vader does an impression of Frankenstien’s Monster that’s so stiff and wooden it makes Al Gore look like a a refugee from a boneless chicken ranch. Ewan McGreggor deserves a fuckin’ Oscar just for making it through all 3 of these films without looking half as lame as the other cast members.

Blogwise, I’ve added tags (a la Flickr and to the site, just to play around. I need to go through and add them to posts so they’ll actually be useful. Speaking of Flickr, I’ve been adding pictures to my account, so I’ll put them up here as well. Yippy skippy.