Miscellaneous Musings

Carlos and I went to drag bingo this past Friday and got WASTED. It started out as any other visit to drag bingo, except for the first time in almost 4 years, I’ve managed to wrangle a friend of mine to go. I think Carlos enjoyed it until things got creepy with an old friend of his when we moved the party to the Pub. But, this blog ain’t about him. :)

As usual I planned to only spend $5 max on one cocktail and a diet coke, but since I had my debit card on me I wound up spending $35. That was two doubles at Oz, one seperator at Good Friends, and two more drinks at the Pub. That’s the equivilent of seven drinks in about a three hour span of time. Yes, I was quite trashed and the cats came very close to not eating this week.

But, good things came from my state of inebriation though. I got the digits of a cute guy in suspenders that I saw on the way back from the Seperator run… He was standing in the door to the Pub, looking all businessmanlike and hot. Later, after bingo he was sitting at the bar and I semi-stalked him for a half hour or so using my patented Creepy Drunken StareTM technique before I stumbled over to the bar next to him, ordered a drink and awkwardly (I’m sure) started chatting while waiting for it. We’ve hung out and talked to each other a few times since. Go me.

I think I’m over trying to meet people online. There really is only like, 35 dudes online in this city and they almost all seem a little off in one way or another. I mean, I’m not exactly a model of stability, but it just seems like my batting average for meeting guys online isn’t that high. With the exception of a few (the number I can count on one hand) they all seem to be drug users, sex addicts, married, in a relationship or “kinda seeing someone.”

That’s my new favorite: Kinda seeing someone. Does that mean you’re seeing them regularly, but it’s not exclusive or that you’re pussy-footing around the fact that you sleep around on someone?

I’ve met some great guys online (you know who you are) but none have moved past friendship or have a forseeable future in quite a while.

Would 6th Sense have been so memorable if that brat would have said “I kinda see dead people“?