Things are looking grim.

I think if any one paragraph sums up the situation best it’s:

2:01 P.M. – Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard says there is no plumbing and the sanitary situation is getting nasty. He told WAFB-TV that he is carrying around a bag for his own human waste.

Well, the only good news I’ve heard so is I’ve accounted for most of my friends and loved ones.

I’m only able to get to the net at the library, so there’s a huge lag between updates for me, but now it looks like the 17th St. Canal levee has burst, and water is flooding into the city. This is BAD. The photos I’ve been seeing are horrific. N.O. East is a lake. Home’s roofs are peeking up from the water like .. well, flooded homes. Can’t really come up with anything clever to say.

3:07 P.M. – Governor Blanco: We are looking for ways to get people out of the Superdome and out of New Orleans said Governor Blanco as she tried to keep from crying.

Marshall, Carlos and I are in good spirits, considering. I don’t know if we’ve accepted it, or if we’re still in a little denial. I’m looking at it as a cleansing of sorts. The only things I regret not taking are my CDs, my bike and my computer. Oh well, all are replacable. Me and the kitties are fine, that’s all that really matters to me.

I hope everyone is doing OK. Keep in touch, please.