I’m going home (sort of)

On the day I went away… goodbye…
Was all I had to say… now I…
I want to come again and stay… Oh my my…
Smile, and that will mean that I may

Cause I’ve seen blue skies, through the tears
In my eyes
And I realise.. I’m going home.

Everywhere it’s been the same… feeling…
Like I’m outside in the rain… wheeling…
Free, to try and find a game… dealing…
Cards for sorrow, cards for pain

Cause I’ve seen blue skies through the tears
In my eyes
And I realise.. I’m going home.

I’m going home, I’m going home.

Ok, so I’m just going to Metairie… but it’s close enough. After reading the news update from Woods Enterprises RE: the reopening of Cafe Lafitte on Bourbon I’m excited to be heading back somewhere close to the city. Granted, bars arn’t everything, but after staying a month in Montgomery, AL that’s all that’s on my mind. Jesus. I want a drink. :)

Before I head home, I’m staying in Montgomery long enough to get my bike, then off to Metairie via Slidell. Should be fun. Ok, interesting.

I want to at least be able to ride into the city and see what’s left of my apartment. If anything.

I’m broke bitch!

Trying to find help

As more and more time passes by I become more and more concerned about money. I’ve applied for a job at a local Bike Shop, but honestly.. who wants to hire someone they know is going ot be leaving in a few months? I know my job is paying me until September 30th, but after that.. who knows? Supposedly theres all this money from and FEMA, but everytime I try to contact them, they can’t tell me anything specific, and I just get told that something is coming from me in the mail and that maybe I’ll qualify. I ask them what it takes to qualify, and they can’t tell me anything. I say, “Well, I’ve lost everything I own, and I dont know if I’m getting paid from work.” They tell me nothing. Work doesn’t know if they’re paying us after the 30th, but they can’t tell us any additional information regarding October or later dates.

You’d think SOMEONE would know SOMETHING. It’s really frustrating.

So, although I’ve done it before, more as jokes. I think I’m gonna throw up another paypal button.. Why not. As Stacey said, now is not a time to be proud.

No news is good news

I’m hearing from more and more people, so I’m feeling much better. Although, it’s so fucking bizarre to be so spread out like this. It’s starting to hit me more and more… That I wont be able to see my friends and family for a long while. I think that’s my biggest loss in this situation.

I wish I could have packed them.

I’m so glad you are all safe.

Brian and I were just talking today about what we’re going to do after all this. The biggest obstacle of moving is.. well, moving. Opportunity sometimes knocks when you have nothing left to lose.

The bicycle forum I’ve been on is trying to raise parts to build a bicycle to send me! How incredibly cool is that? I’m speechless. I don’t feel worthy, but I miss my bike so much. I want to take them up on it, but I feel almost greedy. There’s so many more people that are in worse shape, but at the same time… ya know? I dunno. I’ll see how it goes. I’m going to a flea market here in town to see if they have something. I don’t want to take the bike if I can find one here… but from what I’ve seen, I don’t think cycling is all that popular here. :(

I’ve promised them that I would pay the shipping costs when I can get to my checks, that will be waiting for me, possibly in Monroe, LA.

7 hour drive each way? Uhg.

Another day, another 24 hours in Montgomery, AL

Today we spent the morning helping Carlos’ sister and boyfriend move into their new house. It was fun, and killed time.. except it put off our visit to the library. So here I am, not much new to say. I’ve begun introducing the kitties to the dog in the house. Plato and Jade sniffed noses, then Jade sneezed and Plato ran in back in their room. It’ll be fine, but they just will be taking it slow. Jade is like, 5 times his size and 6 or 7 times Lydia’s size. It’ll be cute though. :)

I’m about to see about getting unemployment. Since I don’t know where my check is going to be coming from, I need to put some balls into motion and see what happens. Do I go to LA’s site or AL’s site? I’m not sure.

I’m glad to be hearing from people and know they’re alright. I’ll post something letting people know what I know, in case you’re wondering as well.

We just got cable so we can start watching the horrible news on CNN, MSNBC, etc…

I have a couple of suggestions, Mr./Mrs. Newspeople:

  • Please show us something GOOD. I know there are areas where there is no flooding, SHOW US. I’d like to see something good for a change. I’d like to see the F.Q. or metairie, or somewhere else that isn’t under 8 feet of water. It’d be nice to see a few images of the places that survived.
  • Please stop asking people questions like: “so, was it scary to be trapped in your attic for 10 hours with only 3 inches of air to breathe?” It was terrifying, don’t be so condecending.

Alberto would like me to remind everyone to hurry up and file a claim for unemployment before they run out! :) www.laworks.net.