Trying to find help

As more and more time passes by I become more and more concerned about money. I’ve applied for a job at a local Bike Shop, but honestly.. who wants to hire someone they know is going ot be leaving in a few months? I know my job is paying me until September 30th, but after that.. who knows? Supposedly theres all this money from and FEMA, but everytime I try to contact them, they can’t tell me anything specific, and I just get told that something is coming from me in the mail and that maybe I’ll qualify. I ask them what it takes to qualify, and they can’t tell me anything. I say, “Well, I’ve lost everything I own, and I dont know if I’m getting paid from work.” They tell me nothing. Work doesn’t know if they’re paying us after the 30th, but they can’t tell us any additional information regarding October or later dates.

You’d think SOMEONE would know SOMETHING. It’s really frustrating.

So, although I’ve done it before, more as jokes. I think I’m gonna throw up another paypal button.. Why not. As Stacey said, now is not a time to be proud.