Plan B Got 500+ Bikes In From Various Groups

The other day I helped unload some amazingly ungodly number of bicycles from the back of a packed 53 foot semi truck type thing. It was awesome, in the sense that it was something to be awed, not in the sense that Mr. Wizard made it possible for the girl with the bangs to stick her hand in an aquarium full of water and pick up a bolt without getting wet. That was awesome. Perhaps even Rad. Killer? Yeaah.

Anyway, Plan B is going to be selling all these bitchin’ bikes for like $15 or something, so if you’re looking for a cheap ride to beat the ever increasing gas prices, while at the same time having fun and doing something good for your body and the planet (yaddy yadda yadda, you know it’s true though) go on by… 511 Marigny. If you just want to throw some money their way they have a pay pal link on their site: Plan B: The New Orleans Bicycle Project

While your at it, check out these pictures.

I’m sitting on Marshall’s toilet, writing this entry

Normally that wouldn’t seem so interesting, but since I’ve gotten my laptop and wireless internet, I’m fascinated at what I can do. You see, I’m a geek – but I’m accustomed to being really broke all the time. In the wake of Katrina I’ve aquired a little nestegg of FEMA money so that I can restore my tattered life to a state hopefully better than it was. My only purchases so far has been some clothes (~$400) and my new laptop ($650.) Oh, and some porn, but I digress. Along with the laptop I bought a wireless router for my future digs and for Marshall’s house while I stay with him.

Therefore, I am posting this while sitting on Marshall’s toilet.


I’ve spent the last week helping my sister Kay and my friend Debbie salvage what little they could from their respective houses. Kay had 2 feet of water, debbie had ~14 feet (one word: Lakeview.)

It’s fascinating to see how different people react to similar stimuli. I lost everything and I pretty much accepted it as a rebirth from the get-go. I didn’t need that stuff anyway and yeah it sucks that I didn’t get my bike and my computer and my childhood stuff but in the end my cats and I are ok. That’s what matters to me.

Kay is really upset that all the furniture they just bought, with cash, for the new house is destroyed. They said ‘fuck it’ and moved to a small town in Mississippi. They bought a house like I’d buy a porn site membership, on a whim. Sure they’re AGAIN up to the eyeballs in debt and probably have a housenote they cant afford but damnit.. that’s the Macaluso way.

Debbie is better, but I swore she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown to see her in Marshall’s back yard wearing a huge respirator and taking digital pictures of each of her 12,000
photos that were damaged:

*Sniff* do you see this? I haven’t seen this picture *sniff* in 12 years… this right there.. *sniff* in the middle of the swirls of color and to the left of that big patch of toxic mold. *sniffle* that *sniff* is my best friend’s older *sniff* brother’s girlfriend’s collarbone. *SOB*

Julie comes home on Monday!

At Marshalls

I’ve been at Marshall’s about a week and really want to go to the quarter one night and get a few drinks. Too bad I hear the curfew is going back to 6pm soon. Why is there a curfew? The bars all open at like, 4 anyway.

It’s just stupid.