Plan B Got 500+ Bikes In From Various Groups

The other day I helped unload some amazingly ungodly number of bicycles from the back of a packed 53 foot semi truck type thing. It was awesome, in the sense that it was something to be awed, not in the sense that Mr. Wizard made it possible for the girl with the bangs to stick her hand in an aquarium full of water and pick up a bolt without getting wet. That was awesome. Perhaps even Rad. Killer? Yeaah.

Anyway, Plan B is going to be selling all these bitchin’ bikes for like $15 or something, so if you’re looking for a cheap ride to beat the ever increasing gas prices, while at the same time having fun and doing something good for your body and the planet (yaddy yadda yadda, you know it’s true though) go on by… 511 Marigny. If you just want to throw some money their way they have a pay pal link on their site: Plan B: The New Orleans Bicycle Project

While your at it, check out these pictures.