Update 12/09

Almost two weeks since the accident and my leg hurts a whole lot more than my shoulder. I can only walk for about 10-15 minutes before I start limping like a Jerry’s Kid. Gradually I can move my shoulder more and more without pain each day, just not with a very wide range of motion. Where there was once a pronounced ridge that felt a lot like a collarbone, there is now a nasty bump that feels like.. well, not like a collarbone. More like just a bone. I’ve been able to change my shirt and even shower without the sling since mid-last week, but after a few minutes of supporting my arm with my chest or belly my shoulder gets very sore – I guess just from supporting it’s weight against the force of gravity. It’s not so bad. My leg, however is another story. I’m hoping it’s only a pulled muscle, but it still HURTS when I walk more than 10 minutes or so. Like the muscle is being shreded or something. Pleasant thought, I know.

On a personal note, I went on a date last night with a guy I met through Chris and Dwayne, some friends of mine that I see out at the bars on Sundays. Their friend, “Killer,” was out this past weekend with them and we started talking. I think the nickname comes from the same sort of irony from which one would call a really tall person “Shorty” or a fat person “Slim”. Then again I could be wrong and I went to Hookah Cafe’ with the next Jeffery Dahmer, but I don’t think so.

I hope not.

We’re going to see NOKAS tonight at DBA and I’m excited. I like being excited to spend time with someone… it’s a fun feeling. :)