Vincent: 1, Glasses: 0

I met Lloyd at the Pub today to say hello and whaddiyaknow… his neighbors found my glasses in the street. The remarkable thing is that they didn’t know they were mine, but tpicked up them up anyway. Lloyd happened to see them and asked who they belonged to and they said they didn’t know and found them outside their apartment. Yay, I can see again. Woohoo.

Plus, I got my bike back from Mitchell today. After flipping my bars upside down a-la bum-bars I took my first ride post-accident around the street. Didn’t hurt at all. I’m a little hesitant about riding too much though, especially at night. Maybe I’ll take her for a spin tomorrow and see how it goes. I really can’t wait to get back riding.

Since Mark got his FEMA grant, I can’t help but think of the things I’m going to by if when my grant goes through.

Definately the Metra Cocktail Table and S-2 VW End Table from Bike Furniture.

Then there’s a new bike. :) I’m looking at the Surly Steamroller, the Kogswell G, Gunnar Street Dog, the standby: Bianchi Pista or a few others like an A.N.T demo bike or the Raleigh Rush Hour, I’m also looking at going custom – maybe a Jonny but $1200 is a lot. But Ooooooo, it’d be cool.