Back on Bike

Well, I rode around the CBD today to see if the shoulder hurts while riding. Even with my kinda-extreme position on the bike it didn’t hurt at all. I don’t wanna push it, so I wasn’t riding too crazy. Trying to explain to someone why I need “ANOTHER bike?” is always fun. It’s hard to explain… each bike handles differently so depending on your mood you may want to ride a different style. My IRO is fairly aggressive for me, so I’d like to get something with a little more relaxed geometry. I’m thinking of either a single speed, or depending on the amount of my FEMA grant, I may go custom. I hear really good things about JonnyCycles. I’d like a military brown singlespeed with a red headtube and accents on the down/seat tubes with little hurricane symbols carved out of the lugs and maybe also the ends. Mmmm. :)