Blogging from Mona’s Middle Eastern Cafe

I swear, I eat so much humus lately that if you fried my blood you’d have Falafel. No but seriously folks.

I’m at Mona’s. Again. I walk in now and the waitress has a diet coke on the table before I sit down. That’s kind of weird for me. I’m getting ready to go over to Bicycle Michaels to give them my new phone number. Ok, Im just trying to keep in their collective psyche so they’ll give me a job, but I do need to give them my new number. I’ll probably pass by Plan B after that to see who’s there and see what’s up. I need to get my stenciling stuff from them anyway. I need to start making t-shirts again. By the way, I’m going to start putting my buttons on the site for sale.. so look forward to that. Yippie. I need to start taking pictures and stuff. I’ll have the standards and then some “custom stock” that I’ll make from random things I find. Those will be a first come/first serve basis.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my bike? :)