Great times

Yaayyy! Today was a very good day. It was a good night even. First we went to Jason’s house for a game of New Orleans Street Smarts where we took turns guessing which of a random selection of us were or were not able to answer general knowledge trivia questions.

Who would know I was dating someone that knew what “gorp” was?

After Street Smarts Killer and I went to the tail end of the offBEAT awards show at the House of Blues and walked in while Fred LeBlanc and Paul Sanchez of Cowboy Mouth were starting their set just in time to hear great versions of Hurricane Party, Take Me Back to New Orleans and a very cool new Fred song called, I believe, On The Blvd.. After Fred and Paul left, the lovely Theresa Anderson took the stage and was was fabulous as usual. During her set I glanced over the schedule and saw that White Bitch was playing at the Parish Room next door so I left Killer to see if he was playing yet. There was some confusion because the band that was scheduled to play after him was on, but he ended up going on after them, so I was excited to see him afterall.

The last time I saw White Bitch was when he did Public Enemy at the Mermaid Lounge Masked Band Ball and honestly I think it was the best show I’ve ever seen considering he’s a scrawny white dude with a drum machine and he NAILED Chuck D for like, an hour. I’ve never seen P.E. live, but I’ve seen them on a few bootleg videos and they were using a backing track for most of the tracks. Chuck D can’t even do Chuck D for an hour straight. :/ (Michael, if you ever want to do a repeat performance, my Birthday is July 20th.) Anyway, Ray Bong was playing with him and as much as the therimin rules the school – it’s fucking annoying as hell when it’s too loud and all it’s doing is making spaceship noises ad nauseum. I liked Bong’s input when he was sampling bits from his now-famous conversation with Rush Limbaugh but I would have liked to hear more of that and little less whooshes and wrrrrrngs of UFOs. Sometimes it worked and sounded cool, but unfortunately, for my tastes, it was competing too much and really clashed with the rest of the stuff going on. To each his own.

I took some pictures and videos with my phone. Sorry they’re so crappy but it’s a phone with a camera, not the other way around. If When my FEMA money comes through I’ll be getting proper photo gear again.

I especially appologize for the smaller photos of Theresa Anderson and Wolfman Washington. I wasn’t as close to them and had to “zoom” in. I forget the one thing that is fucking STUPID about camera phones that claim to have “zoom capibilities” is that they mostly just take pictures of a smaller portion of the frame but without actually zooming in on the shot. That’s CROPPING, not ZOOMING.
Theresa Anderson: (click for “bigger” versions)

Theresa AndersonTheresa Anderson

White Bitch: (click for bigger versions)

White BitchWhite BitchWhite BitchWhite Bitch

Walter Wolfman Washington, playing with his teeth even:
(click for “bigger” versions)

WolfmanWalter Wolfman WashingtonWalter Wolfman WashingtonWalter Wolfman Washington

Some video: (The audio is terrible!) bitch1.avi, bitch2.avi, wolfman.avi

Sorry Teresa. Nothing personal, but my camera wouldn’t save any vids I tried grabbing of you.