Some of my best friends are Mexican.

Ok maybe not… but I want to start this rant off with a little disclaimer: I do not dislike Mexicans. I am among those that are grateful that there are in this city, rebuilding and doing jobs that most of us are too self-absorbed and coddled to do ourselves.

I like to think of myself as a reasonably cute, intelligent, unique kinda guy without being all trendy or snobby. I’m a pretty good conversationalist once I get going and I am able to converse about a wide range of topics. I try not to be unapproachable, but neither do I force myself upon someone until I get some sort of signal that the interest in mutual.

This being said, why the fuck are the only people that talk to me in bars are Mexicans? Now, don’t get me wrong.. I’m not talking about nice well spoken articulate hombres from south of the border…. I’m talking about the guys that live behind the Texaco station at Lee Circle who can’t speak English and feel this kinship with me that compells them to ask, repeatedly, in broken english, about my citizenship. Do I look like a fucking illegal alien?

Case in point, last night:

Me (To bartender): What time is it?
Bartender: 1am. You just getting out?
Me: No, I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Oz.
Bartender: Cool.
I look over at said Mexican who is looking at me through drunken eyes.
Mexican: You from here?
Me (Looking away): Yes.
Mexican: What’s a matter, no talk to me? Do you speak English?
Excuse me?
Mexican: Oh, I see. You speak good English. Where from?
Me: I’m from here.
Mexican: Oh, you citizen?
Me: huh?
Mexican: I go to bathroom. I come back and we talk and then have fun. Ok?

Or something like that. Ugh. It’s so fucking annoying. Mucho.