Dating Again

Am I the only one that, while dating someone forgets how much they like being single? Well, until I am single and then I wish I was dating someone.

It depends on who I’m dating I guess. I really wish my brain was wired like some of my friends who are able to meet guys and sleep around and not feel like each date needs to be either the start of something permanant or nothing at all. I just don’t feel comfortable casually dating more than one guy at a time. After the first date, if things go well, I immediately feel like I’ve been taken off the market and guilt sets in if I so much as talk with someone else in the bars. I need to get over that.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that I’ve been dating older and older guys lately. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked older guys.. but once they’re 12+ years my senior I start to think about the math… when I’m 50 he’ll be 66. uhg. Pushing it.

I think 10 years is my soft limit to date. What do you think?