Cute Boys Rule

Spent some time with a new friend last night and this morning before he went home to New York this afternoon. Sucks to see him go, but I’m certainly glad we got to hang out. I showed him around the breeches and some of what happened to the city during the storm. Kind of a weird “date” but oh well.. it’s post Katrina… these are weird times. I got his e-mail and he said he may be coming back in April – not to mention I may be going to D.C./New York sometime in the near future. It’d be fun to have him show me around the Big Apple a bit.

Also I got some new toys with my FEMA money. Things I’ve been wanting forever, but never had the gumption or the resources to get. I got a 30gig iPod video (yes, I put porn on it.. what other video do I have on my hard drive? I’m thinking of ripping Grey Gardens to carry around with me. lol)

I also got a Holga medium format camera. I’ve been wanting one for a while and decided that $20 isn’t so much for something that can make me happy. I’m also getting a Nikon F3 and finally getting my dad’s Minolta SRT100 fixed.

I feel bitten by the photography bug again. Thank you Katrina.