Bikes and Boys

Well, I took the Watanabe to Bicycle Michaels so I can get the rear triangle widened to accept a standard non-NJS rear wheel. I’m also getting the tracks ends filed to accept a standard 10mm axle.

I can’t wait to get it back from them. I’m ordering wheels from IRO Cycles and getting various other parts from various other places.

So far it’s looking like this: Silver ITM Open 800 Stem, same Black IRO Wheels as my IRO, same Nitto B123 Drop bars as my IRO, haven’t decided on cranks yet.

Well, dinner went well. Then again, the last time it went well I didn’t hear from him for 6 months. lol

It was fun. I like him. I’m leaving it at that for now.

My neurotic mind is now comtemplating calling or e-mailing him, but should I wait? I think waiting is stupid, but if everyone suggests it, maybe it’s the best thing to do? Uhg. I really, really, really, hate dating. Especially when you’re just starting to get to know someone. I think this is supposed to be the exciting part. I’ll just replay different senarios in my head until I can’t take it anymore and then e-mail him. Then, I’ll stress over how I should have called. :/