This blog has become sooooo LiveJournal

When I’m not fretting over dates or riding my bike, I actually have a life that includes eating at cool little french quarter resturants like Benichin. I was at Benichin the other day, eating a fantastic plate of Chicken and Broccoli when this woman comes bounding through the door juggling a handful of plastic containers, a glass baking pan and a roll of aluminum foil. SHe wasn’t really juggling.. that’d be too cool.

She reminded me of my Uncle Jimmy’s schizophrenic wife. She didn’t look like her at all, but I could tell the voices in her head were really funny because she laughed constantly while trying to hold a conversation about preparing her take out food:

Not-My-Aunt: Hi. (chuckle) I need to get some /african dish I can’t pronounce/ and some rice. Now, I’ll need you to put the rice (giggle) in this container and (snicker) put the chicken in the glass pan and (chuckle) wrap it all in this aluminum foil.
Resturant Employee:
Not-My-Aunt: (belly laugh) Styrofoam is so bad for you (giggle) and I don’t like my food touching it. It gives off (teehee) harmful chemicals when heated and (ha! ha!) I’ve read reports where people have died and their death (snicker) was later found to be directly related to the brand of styrofoam they used at their work. (giggle)

The ironic thing is that when I was unchaining my bike outside the building, I saw her climb into a big nasty SUV and drive off. Giggling of course.