Disabling Face Tracking on the LogiTech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro

Ok, I’ve had this Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro for a while and it’s got this handy “feature” of constantly zooming in and out and moving around while it “face tracks”.

I wont go into the reason why I’m not concerned about it tracking my face, but I will say it’s REALLY annoying to have to go in and turn it off every time I switch applications or restart the program using it.

I figured there has to be someway to permantly disable it, and I think I found it.

Run regedit from Start=>Run. (If you dont’ know how to do this, you may not want to fiddle with it.)

Do a search for FaceTrackingMultiple. It should be assigned a value of 0.

In regedit, do Edit=>New=>DWORD value.

The new name is FaceTrackingSingle and leave the value at 0.

This worked for me!