The Internet is for Porn/Back at Charity Hospital/Crush on Cute Christian Continues

Ahhhh, awesome alliterator I am.

For the first time since the storm I am sitting in my own living room, logged into my own internet, typing this and downloading large quantities of porn without the fear of freezing my fingers off, of being busted by the coffeeshop staff or of having a large pointy caterpillar fall on my head. Yes, Vincent finally has legitimate internet. Vincent also has digital cable with DVR – but Vincent digresses.

For the last two weeks I’ve been having this nasty sore, swollen throat that refuses to go away. So, the other morning my cough woke me up at 6:30 and the pain of repeated swallowing kept me from falling back to sleep. I decided at that moment, at 6:30, a. fucking m. that I asolutely must go see a doctor about my throat before it turns out to be cancer or something.

I call Marshall and ask where the best fragment of Charity Hospital for me to go is and he says in the old Lord and Taylor’s department store. So, I go there and while waiting in line to wait in line I watch a woman wrestle two security guards and her babydaddy to the ground outside the front door. She’s rolling around on the ground and throwing elbows all while holding AN INFANT in her arms. It was insane. I never found out what it was all about because shortly after I was called to sit in the second line.

After waiting in the second line and being triaged I waited in line for registration. I was then checked in and registered by a fidgety woman flossing her overpronounced, gleaming white teeth. She’d floss a gap, then type my name. Floss a gap, then type my address. It took so long with all that dental work being done in between each step, I thought she’d have given herself a filling and a root canal by the time my paperwork was finished.

She did have nice teeth though, like a horse.

Like a horse that flosses.

Anyway, I ran into Andy at the hospital (I really didn’t plan that. Really.) and he sped up my visit, although I was still there almost 4 hours total.

He was cute, I was in pain, we got lunch at Tandori and then got stuck in the rain.

Ha! I’m a poet and I didn’t knowit.

Damn, I love butter chicken.

Anyway, it’s late and I have to be at work in 6 hours. Uhg.