Random Sober Thoughts at 3am

I went to see X-Men III tonight with Marshall, Carlos, the Jasons and Julie. It was actually pretty good for a typical blockbuster action movie sequel based on a comic book series.

I got home from work literally moments before Julie arrived to pick me up so all I had time to do was splash some water on my face, comb my hair and grab a jacket in case it was cold int he theater. Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here but lately, thanks to Carlos, I’ve developed a jacket obsession. I think I’ve “won” about 8 or 9 sportcoats on eBay in the last few months. Since it’s been so hot the last few weeks I was happy to be going out in an air conditioned environment that didn’t involve a half hour bicycle ride to get there. I was finally able to wear one of said jackets. Of course, everyone wanted to know why I was so dressed up… it’s weird to be like “oh, I just wanted to wear this.”

Like I’ve said before, I’m definately trying to transform my (self) image so it’s hard sometimes to do so with people who are so used to me dressing in crappy, bike grease soaked khakis and t-shirts all the time. They always want to know what job I interviewed for. :)

I like to joke that I changed after watching a month of What Not To Wear while we were evacuated but it’s so true. Having to buy new clothes definately made me adjust how I thought of myself. I suddenly have to uphold this new image I’m presenting.

Not sure why I’m posting this – just came to my mind.

Anyway, when I was just getting ready to put up my laptop I saw this video preview in the video chat program I use and thought it was a neat effect. Here’s a bit of me being stupid for those of you who haven’t seen me in a while:

Spinning Around

(right click and “… save as”)