Happy Forth of July to everyone! I had a really good weekend. I started it off on Friday going to a benefit for reel identities and afterwards barhopping a bit with Andy. Stopped by the Phoenix for the first time in my life. It was interesting. I imagine things get much crazier there but it wasn’t that late. There was a few guys in the back um, servicing each other and some other guy wondering around buck naked with an erection ordering drinks at the bar and starting conversation about his plants, but other than that it wasn’t unlike what I’ve seen in Rawhide – except they were a lot… closer.

Saturday I met up with a friend from Texas, Kerry, and got some lunch. I saw him out again Sunday night and we were heavily propositioned by this couple from Lafayette to join them in a four way. I passed. lol Besides, it was 3am and I was too sober to be having a conversation like that.

Sunday during the day I was working at Napoleon’s Itch and I bumped into some guy while trying to squeeze by him. He says: “Hi, I’m ****** and I’d like to fuck you.”

Wow. That’s forward.

I reply “Hi there, my name is Vincent”

To which his friend says “He’s drunk, he’s just kidding,”

“I know he is.” I say.

“No I’m not kidding.” he says.

“I know you’re not.” I reply, as I walk away.

Last night I was upstairs at Tropical Isle (a tacky straight bar on Bourbon Street) and this completely trashed guy that I met a year or so ago comes BOUNDING at me from behind and says “Hi, I’m James. What’s your name? Are you from here? I have a cripple crack addict downstairs waiting for me.” Now, I have no idea why he decided to walk over to me and start trying to work his “charm” on me. I don’t think he remembered that I met him early last October and crashed at his place because I got caught being out after curfew – which was a story unto itself. He was trashed then too. :)

So yeah, I had a pretty good weekend as far as getting hit on by total creeps and spending time with friends.

BTW, I’ve also added a few of my Dummer T-Shirts to Etsy. Not sure if I’ll actually sell anything, but it certainly seems cool.