Random Sober Thoughts at 1:23 AM On A Monday.

I spoke with an ex the other night. We’re on civil terms and over any resentment but I still sense a bit of tension between us. Not quite thick enough to cut with a knife, but maybe a cool mist that can be felt on your cheek. I admit, it was nice to hear his voice. It was odd but reasuring to have him tell me he’s been reading my blog and I’m much too good to be turning into That Guy as I’m sure it reads like on here. I don’t think I’m becoming That Guy.

$DEITY, don’t let me become That Guy.

He pointed out, as he always has, that I need to stop making the emotional = the physical “as [I] always have. [I] just need to stop that.”

After a few days I’ve started to think about that. I think most of us know going into a relationship of anykind what the ratio of emotional/physical attraction is. One night stands are different than dates. I maintain that once you progress past the purely physical, the ratio should normalize. For some reason I’m attracted to guys that have issues expressing emotion, so I’m (not) very sorry if I have to read into the physical to get some sort of clue as to how you’re feeling.

Our actions define us and they are, many times, the way we express how we feel.

Just a few random thoughts brought forth by a random comment.

BTW, I finally able to track stand on my bike. Woohoo! (I can’t do it one handed. yet.)