Personal update

OK, a quick run down on what’s going with me. I’ve been interviewing with a few companies lately, trying to find a job that I can safely meld with helping my current boss out after/before hours. I interviewed with a particularly cool place today and it went very well. Not sure how much the hourly rate is, but it includes full benefits – 100% paid for, plus.. get this… there are three full sized fridges in the company kitchen… one is stocked FULL of Diet Coke. When I say full, I mean there was like.. 500 cans in the fridge and 20 or 30 palettes on the floor around it. The second was filled with regular Coke. The third is filled with luncheon meats.

Yes, it’s all for staff.

Holy shit, I know!

They also offer full, 100% paid for benefits – medical, vision and dental, 401K, paid time off after a year, sick leave and even let you work from home if it’s completely unavoidable.

Too good to be true, eh? My only concern is Mike. I simply will not leave him at this horrible time. I think the two jobs can play nicely. I just need to figure out how.