Drunken thoughts at 4:23am Saturday morning

I just got home from spending too long with someone I thought I had gotten over a few months ago.

Funny how feelings come rushing over me when my logical mind knows they shouldn’t.

“Give it up” it says, knowing full well he’s just not that into me and that it’s just going to end all bad again.

“No. Look at that smile.” My emotional mind says. “Have you ever seen a smile that’s made you feel this way? Have you ever wanted to imitate a hermit crab before, because it you know it’d make someone laugh?”
“No.” My logical mind replies, not able to to come up with a reason not to imitate said hermit crab.
“That’s why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they’d call them something else” – Dad.

    Sixteen Candles

Why is the room spinning?

Well, I just spoke with the nice lady that picked me up off the street. She has my bike.

She said the frame is bent from having the front wheel being forced into it. Not sure how bad or what she means. But.. it was my watanabe. :( :(

I also went to wash my hair in the tub today, didnt feel like going through all the aggrivation of showering… and when I bent over, the room started violently spinning.

I stood back up and and went in the living room and tried not to panic.. WTF was that?

I bent over again and the living room SHOOK, then started to spin severly.

After a 40 second google search this is all I can come up with:


“The most common cause of BPPV in people under age 50 is head injury .”

Anyone else get this? How long did it last? I’m calling my general practictioner as soon as my medical benefits kick in (some time this week!)

It sucks. I can’t even lay down now, or turn my head quickly. uhg.

Seriously folks, can’t I go 12 months without fucking up my shoulder?

I was riding home from Juans Flying Burrito this afternoon, looking at demolished houses and trying to see what businesses were open along Canal St. when a ginormous fucking pothole jumped out in front of me, flipping me over and I landed on my head and shoulder.



So I spent 7 hours at Charity for them to tell me what I already know: I fucked my collarbone up again.

Nothing “broken” but I did get to see x-rays of how my collarbone is healing. One of the parts healed fine but the other break didn’t heal at all. The ends themselves did but the two ends didn’t fuse together. The doc says that shouldnt be a problem, but that this accident “jostled” the two parts around, so it’s basically going to feel like I broke it again, even though I didnt. (All the trama to that section of my shoulder, but without the actual break! Go me!)

I’m scared to death to go to sleep, because I know it’s going to hurt like a Mo-Fo tomorrow.


Regardless, I’m back in this god damned sling. (Like I’ve never said THAT before! budum crash!)

Uhg. x-rays to come.

sad me

road rash!