My Feet… I Can’t Feel My Feet

Johnny got his barback

Oh my jesus. I feel like I should be in a Metallica video after tonight’s shift at Lafittes. My. Feet. Fucking. Hurt.

My shoes and socks are soaked to the bone with water, beer, juice and whatever the hell else is in the alley behind the bar. (Let’s not think too hard on that, please.)

The worst thing is I can’t really be all “oh my feet hurt” cause I’ll look like a total puss to the hardened SoDec veterans that I’m working with. *sigh*

So I’m doing laundry at the computer shop before I go home and crash. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out of bed in the morning.

Did I mention the other barback that is supposed to be helping me quit after Thursday?

Uhg. Well, at least I’ll be sore with no feet and a fist full of money on tuesday.

BTW, the dude that played the guy with no arms or legs in that movie that Metallica used for the “one” video turned out to be that hottie from “That’s My Bush!” Yes, I thought G.W. Bush was hot (albeit Republican slime) before he turned into the anti-christ.

Two more days to go!
I may have to actually watch that show.