Project Runaway

So every Wednesday I go to clover grill to watch the Runway and get a burger. Ok, and to obsess over yet another guy I think is cute and nice and such but is seeing someone else. Uhg. Why do I keep doing this? I keep getting infatuated with guys that are either straight, from out of town, obviouisly not that into me, or married/partnered?

Is this a recurring case of wanting-what-I-can’t-have-itis?

It was like, 4 weeks into the obsessathon when I finally went to make my move… I slying asked him if he ever went to Lafittes for a drink after he got off of work (my next question was going to be “would you like to go get a drink?”) and he dropped the “p” bomb.

“Sometimes. Sometimes my partner and I will stop off on the way home.”

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I still go by, just to talk about Project Runway and eat a burger and maybe some Pecan Pie ala mode. (Mmmmm, he makes it gooooooood.) But oh well.