Why is the room spinning?

Well, I just spoke with the nice lady that picked me up off the street. She has my bike.

She said the frame is bent from having the front wheel being forced into it. Not sure how bad or what she means. But.. it was my watanabe. :( :(

I also went to wash my hair in the tub today, didnt feel like going through all the aggrivation of showering… and when I bent over, the room started violently spinning.

I stood back up and and went in the living room and tried not to panic.. WTF was that?

I bent over again and the living room SHOOK, then started to spin severly.

After a 40 second google search this is all I can come up with:


“The most common cause of BPPV in people under age 50 is head injury .”

Anyone else get this? How long did it last? I’m calling my general practictioner as soon as my medical benefits kick in (some time this week!)

It sucks. I can’t even lay down now, or turn my head quickly. uhg.