You Asked For It

A few weeks ago I was talking to this cute guy at the Pub… we had the usual getting-to-know-you kind of conversation: where he’s from (out of town, of course. Baton Rouge though), where he works, the state of New Orleans, etc… I actually had the drunken nerve to start the conversation and opened with a compliment on this choice of neckties… his sister gave it to him as a present.

His sister has good taste in ties.

Anyway, at first I thought he was just tolerating me. Another bored drunk, happy someone was talking to them; even it if it did happen to be me. As the conversation evolved it got really interesting and funny and it was pretty obvious we were both having a good time. Yadda, yadda yadda.

I’ll spare you the details, but I ended up doing the bike ride of shame back to my apartment the next morning. In the rush of packing my stuff I left my USB Drive in the hotel room and received a rambling voicemail the next afternoon about how he had placed “this technical looking metal device” in an envelope and left it with the front desk. I still have the envelope and sniff it every now and then. (I’m kidding – although I did find the envelope the other day while cleaning.)

It’s sad to say but rarely does someone I meet from out of town actually keep any interest in me after their 12 o’clock checkout. I’ve been trading text messages and e-mails almost daily with John ever since. He’ll send me stuff like “Happy Wednesday morning!” and I’ll send him long convoluted emails about sushi and laundry. It’s cute.

I like cute.

Anyway, he came in town last night and we hung out again. At one point he jokingly mentioned… “So, I was reading your blog [ed: (ACK!)] and … I was looking all throughout August and there was nothing about me in there.”

So here it is bucko, consider yourself officially blogged-about. I resisted mentioning you falling into the gutter in a drunken stuper.

Your secret is safe with me.