Missing Posts

My host lost some of their data and had to restore from a backup done October 21st. So, I lost the post about the accident. (if anyone can check their cache, let me know if you still have it.. I ain’t typing it all over again.

Holy smokes, how much is everyone loving this weather? I swear, I almost wore my Dr. Who scarf last night. But, I’m holding that until it gets in the low 50s. I can’t wait!

I love cold weather.So, Thursday I had a reason to dress snazzy so I did, and got a lot of attention at the bars from people I didn’t want to give me attention. Shirt, tie, etc… it was fun to able to put together an “outfit” again… that’s something I miss about the winter. This summer it’s been so easy to throw on a t-shirt and jeans/shorts that I forget how much I liked actually thinking about what I wear.