New York, New York. Hell of a town.

OK. The fates are definitely telling me something, not that I believe in that shit. If I did, I’d be very certain New York is in my future… or maybe D.C since it’s in that general area. Earlier in the evening I was talking to this guy that messaged me from MySpace and, aside from being cute, smart, funny, a music nut, yadda yadda yadda. he’s living in Portland. Now, for months I’ve been tossing the idea of going to Portland around in my head since they have a bicycle college there, and that sounds really cool to me. But hey, it’s Portland… I don’t know anyone in Portland. I know people in D.C. and in New York though.. so that’s where my mind has been preparing myself to eventually move (in a year or so I I figger.) Scott (from MySpace) suddenly mentions he’s moved back to New York. dammit. New York keeps coming up in my life… Is it a sign?

Also.. When I was using my Mac to manage my mp3 collection, one of my favorite programs was IEatBrainz. It’s a program that analyzes your mp3 files, compares them to the MusicBrainz database and then figures out the proper track names, artist info, etc and renames all of your files. LOVE IT!! I never even though about going to the MusicBrainz website to see if there was a PC program as well. Well, there is. w00t!