I Am Vincent’s Disappointed Heart

Broken Heart Spam… and I would appreciate an explanation as to why I was stood up tonight.

edit: Sat night: To tell the rest of the story… I met this guy last Thursday and really hit it off, I thought. We talked (and made out a bit!) late Thursday night and finally at 4am he ‘absolutely had to go’ since he had work in the morning. I asked him if he wanted to go with me to Wasabi the following night and he said he wasn’t sure if he could, but told me to call him anyway, and we could set p a date on Sunday. So, Friday afternoon I called to see if he could go, he didn’t answer so I left a message… no response. I called again on Saturday to see if he was still up for something on Sunday… no response. I called twice on Sunday.. nothing.

We went back and forth in text messages once or twice Monday and he apologized, said he really busy with a friends birthday party on Sunday and got loaded. (He did tell me about the party beforehand, so I wasn’t too upset.) So, I called him Tuesday night and we talked for an hour or so and made plans to go see Borat and eat at Hookah Cafe on Friday. He was all excited, and kept saying “I have a date on Friday!” like a little excited boy.

Since we didn’t decide on a time, we agreed I’d call him before Friday and we’d figure it out.

So I called Thursday night. Nothing. I called at 5:30 on Friday. I called at 8pm Friday. I called at 9pm Friday. I texted him. I called him again at 10pm and left him a message saying I thought he was rude. Of course, I called a couple times today just to see if he’d answer…. nothing.

I mean, it’s probably instant karma since I’ve done something similar to a guy in my sorta-recent past as well, but never after making hard plans… and only after their actions kinda weirded me out.

So if you read this… call me. What gives?