Paging Major Hottie Healy

So Scott and I are talking tonight about random TV shows we watched as kids and somewhere along the line I Dream of Jeannie comes into play:

ohdogyousleuth: I wanted to bone Larry Hagman.
nolageek: oh yeah?
nolageek: I liked Bill Daily
ohdogyousleuth: more from I Dream of Jeannie than Dallas
nolageek: yeah, me too.
ohdogyousleuth: was that his friend?
nolageek: yeah
ohdogyousleuth: the guy from newhart?
nolageek: I like the nerdy ones.

I love you Vincent.  I love you too Bill.

I hate the Gimp. I can’t make proper stalker photo paste-ups without photoshop.

Bill Daily 2
Bill in sweater and tie goodness.

And for my own personal/pervy curiosity some more Bill Daily stuff…

He’s getting up there in age, but still looks pretty good for … 78? Google Video

Good YouTube clip of Bill Daily on the Match Game in a bow tie. :).


Yeah, take it Billy.

and the last
Ooo, nice cuff links. I got holes where you can put that finger.

Bill Daily

More Bill
Guide it on on home, Sir.

Bleh, I just feel dirty now. Forgive me Mr. Daily.