No Accounting for Taste (in men) AKA My Would-Do List

Earlier tonight I was talking to Craig on AIM and we started talking about how we would never, ever chase the same guys. For instance, Craig thinks Brett Mycles is like, incredible or something. I don’t see it. So, I started sending him pictures of guys that I thought we’re cute/hot/sexy or whatever you want to call it. It quickly became obvious that I am apparently some sort of mutant gay male. I always knew I liked guys that were older, I assume having something to do with losing my father when I was young, but my tastes are a bit… different I guess. I like rather clean cut guys, but not military or ├╝berbutch. I’d rather love handles than a six-pack. I like receding hairlines and glasses. I dunno. I like the father-of-the-kid next door type. :)

edited: 12/13/06

I thought Alan Alda was kinda good looking on M*A*S*H, but I always had a thing for Gary Burghoff, Larry Linville, and even occasionally McLean Stevenson:

Gary Burghoff

Larry Linville

McLean Stevenson

Bill DailyWe all now know my whole Bill Daily thing… but since this is an ongoing compilation, I throw him in the post as well.

Lawrence Frank
Craig and I were talking about he likes “football player” types, I decided I liked this picture of some Basketball coach:

Ken BerryI can admit to thinking Ken Berry was cute back on Mama’s Family and F-Troop. I know. I’m crazy.

Of course there’s Keven Spacey. Especially this first picture which I just found:
Kevin Spacey 2

Kevin Spacey

While trying to find this picture of Steve McQueen that I once thought was hot I sent Craig this picture of William Holden, which of course he didn’t understand:
William Holden

Brian BenbenI remember staying up late to watch Dream On on HBO because I thought Brian Benben was the end-all-be-all of cuteness…. plus he did lots of sex scenes. Yum.

edited: 11/26/06

OMG. How could I forget Alan Ruck?
Alan Ruck 1

Alan Ruck 2

Alan Ruck 3

Alan Ruck 4

edited: 12/13/06
flickr hottieI have no idea who this guy is, but he’s on flickr as antmoose and I want to have a million of his babies. I hope he’s not too grossed out by that.

Ted Allen. *swoon* How gorgeous is he??


They’ll be more.. but I have to get back to work.

So tell me, am I completely crazy? :)